Re: cookie draft available

On Sun, 21 Apr 1996, Simon Spero wrote:
> Disk space is about 1,000 times cheaper than flash ram, and gets cheaper 
> the more you buy it. When you can store 1K of date for a million users 
> for a hundred dollars or so, it's much better to keep the data on the 
> server. 

Okay, so we should throw out the cookie draft?  I'm not saying your point
of view is ridiculous, I'm just saying that there are cases in which
clientside data is desirable.

> If the server needs the data for correct operation, they should look 
> after it, unless the client volunteers to keep it of its own volition.

I didn't say the server _needed_ the data for correct operation.  What I
said was the user will expect that preferences they set will be saved. 
Allowing a low threshhold for discarding cookies goes against least
surprise.  (Again, I'd rather have _no_ automatic discards for cookies the
user has decided to keep.) 

Marc Hedlund <> <>

Received on Sunday, 21 April 1996 15:44:31 UTC