Re: proposal for a new html tag

    HTML and WWW norms tend to excessive fragmentation of information and
    too many hlinks to investigate just to guess which to follow.  There
    are many times when a complex subject (like the HTML specs) needs
    to be studied in a more linear sequence than can be achieved yet
    with current markup the author is discouraged from providing a well
    organized linear document.
Agreed.  This is a somewhat different problem than the one which
started this thread, but I would really like to see a browser that
supported a "flatten" command (maybe "flatten 1 level", "flatten N levels",
and "flatten entirely" commands).  I don't know if this would require
any additional HTML support.  I'm more interested in HTTP, and I think
this would not require anything new from HTTP (although it might be
nice to have an efficient way of asking for the entire set of documents
in one request).


Received on Wednesday, 22 March 1995 11:43:57 UTC