Re: proposal for a new html tag

>Agreed.  This is a somewhat different problem than the one which
>started this thread, but I would really like to see a browser that
>supported a "flatten" command (maybe "flatten 1 level", "flatten N levels",
>and "flatten entirely" commands).  I don't know if this would require
>any additional HTML support.  I'm more interested in HTTP, and I think

The problem with flattening is that you can drag in all kinds of
things you don't want, and what happens if it said "flatten 1000"!

DynaWeb has a parameter on the URL called MAXBYTES. Once the data size
exceeds this, it tries to generate a TOC. By setting MAXBYTES to some
large number, you can retrieve entire documents. No browser changes

Received on Thursday, 23 March 1995 09:49:25 UTC