Re: proposal for a new html tag

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, Jeffrey Mogul wrote:

> Of course, the right "solution" might be to encourage authors
> to provide their large documents in two forms: monolithic (single
> HTML file) for people with fast connections and/or for people who
> want to quickly search the documents for particular character
> strings, and "outlined", for people who want to retrieve just
> the parts they are looking for.

Instead of having a single 'file' with priorities, display orders, etc.,
none of which solve the basic problem that the decision basis content
hasn't been transfered, it seems to me that some form of >include<
capability would allow a single logical document to be split for
storage, maintenance, transmission, etc.  Perhaps an inline 
attribute on an <A> or a new tag.  Prefered retrieval order could
accomadate publisher hints.  Browsers would retrieve and render the
base file and then start filling in the includes much like images
are handled today when the size isn't known.  By organizing the
document and includes an overview of content could be quickly 
available with more to follow.  Browsers could let users delay
retrieval of includes just as images can be delayed today.  The structure
provided would also facilitate outline viewing ... much like many
folks skim a printed document by reading the chapter or section
lead paragraphs.  Or perhaps the structure is achieved via <div>
or whatever and thinking about the structure facilitates >include<

HTML and WWW norms tend to excessive fragmentation of information and
too many hlinks to investigate just to guess which to follow.  There
are many times when a complex subject (like the HTML specs) needs
to be studied in a more linear sequence than can be achieved yet
with current markup the author is discouraged from providing a well
organized linear document.

Dave Morris

Received on Wednesday, 22 March 1995 00:00:36 UTC