This seems to be a common naming problem on the web:

   Newsgroups: comp.infosystems.www.providers,comp.infosystems.www.misc
   From: root@rco.qc.ca (Francois Vrana)
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   Date: Sat, 4 Feb 1995 17:33:06 GMT
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   I have always wondered which www servers support the following:

   would it be possible to have different 'home pages' brought up based on
   different 'domain names' when users are accessing this server?

   ex: bigsite.com and tinysite.com both map to the same address:
   and the same physical server, but different home pages would be given based 
   on the DNS name selected.

   does anyone know of servers that support this 'off the shelf' ?

One solution is to change HTTP clients to send full URLs all
the time (rather than just on proxy accesses).

But as another solution, it seems that something like the MX record
facility for finding SMTP servers would work well for HTTP servers.

This "HX record" would map a domain name to one or more domain/port
pairs or perhaps to one or more URL prefixes, ala:

	HX bigsite.com	http://provider.net/bigsite
	HX bigsite.com	http://other.provider.net/bigsite
	HX tinysite.com	http://provider.net/tinysite

It seems to me that we've had this discussion before, but I don't
remember the resolution. Any pointers?



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