While I can appreciate Ruediger's insight here, I would suggest that 
the simplest solution is to change the HTTP protocol to accept the 
entire URL.  Using more than one IP address per machine, (routers and 
gateways excepted, of course), only complicates the problem more.  
Besides, this is only appropros for Unix-en where we can play games 
with the networking code.  Hardly a broadbased solution, eh?

One of the real problems here that I have been anxious to address is 
the ability to mirror HTTP resources across multiple hosts in a 
seamless (at least to the user) manner.  If we sent the entire URL in 
the request, it wouldn't matter what machine actually received it.

I have a modified version of named that allows a variety of 
interesting games to be played in response to a domain name request.  
One of the uses I put this to is to direct requests to multiple 
IP addresses depending on the network of origin of the requestor.

It attempts to address part of the "appropriate retrieval decision" 
problem that some of you know I am concerned with.


Received on Saturday, 11 February 1995 15:25:50 UTC