Re: ISO/IEC 10646 as Document Character Set

> 1. Specify the charset requirement handling now, implement it in
> browsers, but wait 6 months before actually employing it, so that
> most people have updated to browsers with the capacity.

Maybe this is the most realistic solution...

> 2. Do a kind of ESMTP enhanced HTTP negotiation scheme.

Hmmm...  Similar to Dan's recent comment about HTTP/1.1.  Maybe this
would work, but would there be a consensus?  Some people seem to be
against negotiation because of efficiency issues.

The efficiency problem could be solved by designing a solution that is
only inefficient during the transition period.

But how would it work?   I just tried:

	% telnet 80
	GET / HTTP/1.1

and it returned the HTML doc corresponding to /, instead of an error.
No good.  OK, how about:


Same result (got the HTML doc).  No good.  OK, how about:


Error.  Good.  But it CLOSED THE CONNECTION!  Arggh.  This would be
extremely inefficient!

> 3. having the identity and version number of the calling browser's 
> and then react in the server accordingly.

As a temporary solution, maybe.  But long term?  Yuck.


Received on Thursday, 4 May 1995 09:56:03 UTC