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RE: Repeating elements with fixed attribute values

From: King, Jeffrey (Mission Systems) <Jeff.King@ngc.com>
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 12:43:34 -0600
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Thank you for your reply.  The "number" attribute is simply the value of
another field.  It describes the "field" with a number instead of a
name.  It's just another way a identifying the "field".  It's pretty
straight forward.  I apologize for the confusing sample data, I should
have given it more thought.

Jeffrey King

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Hi Jeffrey,

King, Jeffrey (Mission Systems) <Jeff.King@ngc.com> writes:

> Actually, the reality is not as neat as it looks here.  "field1" would

> be whatever is in the "name" field for that record.  It could be 
> anything, even multiple words such as "SOURCE INDICATOR" [...]

What would then the value of the "number" attribute be for this field?
In other word, what is the relationship between the field name (as
stored in the "name" attribute) and the "number" attribute?


Boris Kolpackov
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