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RE: [Ann.] XML Schema FAQ

From: Edmund Mitchell <EMitchell@fnf.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 10:25:48 -0800
Message-ID: <E58BBFC673E3D311A93600508B0A0D725FF32B@mailky1.fnf.com>
To: xmlSchema-dev <xmlschema-dev@w3.org>

>> I like what Dave Pawson has done with the XSL FAQ, although I don't know
>> the nature of XML Schema will lend itself to a repitition of that format.

>It's a good FAQ. What in particular do you like about it?

It's indexed according to common problem areas, as opposed to say, by
thread.  I find this superior, because when I have a problem, I can see the
link to an area that deals with that kind of problem.
You've probably never needed to look at it, being a guru,  but there are
sections on i.e. &nbsp; or grouping, because these issues seem to snag each
new generation of XSLT learners.  This has helped me quite a bit.  Having
said that, I'm too much of a Schema newbie to say for sure that such an
indexing system will lend itself to Schema FAQS-perhaps you experts can
better make that call, or let time make it apparent to us all.

>Do you have strong feeling about the superiority of multi-doc vs.
>single-doc FAQs? 

I have strong feelings about those people who do the work for FAQS - strong
feelings of gratitude.  If it pops your tarts to have a single-doc format,
and it'll make being the keeper of the FAQ an easier chore for you, than I'm
all for it. 

Thanks again

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