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RE: DR 203: rewording?

From: Kevin Mitchell <kevin.mitchell@xmls.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 13:57:16 -0500
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I tend to agree with dropping DR203. Perhaps the intent of this requirement
was to
ensure that the RPC convention did not utilize semantics dependent on a
language or object system? If so, I think DR 201 covers this sufficiently by
straightforward mappings to languages and object systems. 

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From: MOREAU Jean-Jacques
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Sent: 11/15/2000 11:55 AM
Subject: DR 203: rewording? 

Considering [1] and [2], I suggest we drop this requirement altogether
(out of scope).


[1] Stuart Williams/DR 201, DR202 and DR203: Programming Language
Bindings/ Tues 20:02 GMT+1

Original text:
              The XML Protocol will guarantee that RPC messages
              that encode parameters and results using the default
              encoding for the base set of data types will be valid
              any conformant binding of the RPC conventions. "Valid"
              in this context means that the semantics of the call
              should remain identical, irrespective of the programming

              language or object system used by the caller or
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