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Re: Update

From: Gene Keeler <gkeeler@TLCDELIVERS.COM>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 14:14:42 -0500
Message-ID: <001601c2ee4b$cba5bdf0$8a39910c@rndgkeeler>
To: "Mark Wilson" <mwilson@TLCDELIVERS.COM>, "zig" <www-zig@w3.org>

I believe it is as follows:

A RecordsSyntax-ESTaskPackage is to be put into "taskPackage [5] IMPLICIT
EXTERNAL OPTIONAL" of the ExtendedServicedResponse.  ESFormat-Update should
be put in the "taskSpecificParameters [11] IMPLICIT EXTERNAL" of the
RecordsSyntax-ESTaskPackage.  Within the ESFormat-Update you must select
"CHOICE taskPackage [2]".

Gene Keeler
Director of Application Architecture
The Library Corporation

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From: "Mark Wilson" <mwilson@tlcdelivers.com>
To: "zig" <www-zig@w3.org>
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2003 4:13 PM
Subject: Update

> I have been sorting my way through the basic coding requirements of the
> ExtendedServices(Update) service using the Z30.50-200X ASN1 text.
> On page 227 is the ASN1 for ExtendedServicesRequest and
> ExtendedServicesResponse.
> On page 255 is the ASN1 for the ESFormat-Update.
> But on page 248 is the ASN1 for the RecordsSyntax-ESTaskPackage and I am
> having some difficulty understanding if (or where) this object fits in
> the above objects. I have not been able to obtain any BER format requests
> responses for the ExtendedServices(Update) PDUs, so I would appreciate
> anyone's giving me a hand at untangling this.
> Thanks,
> Mark Wilson, Chief Scientist
> The Library Corporation
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