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RE: IMS DRI extension of bib-1 (was NORZIG proposed new bib-1 Use attributes)

From: Julie Blume Nye <julie.nye@fdgroup.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 11:39:53 -0500
To: "Mike Taylor" <mike@indexdata.com>, <barbara.shuh@nlc-bnc.ca>
Cc: <www-zig@w3.org>
Message-ID: <FIEAIDIIIEFLPMOINJEIKEBDDBAA.julie.nye@fdgroup.com>
FYI, the IMS DRI extension to bib-1 to which Barb was probably referring can
be found in section 3.3 of the DRI "Core Functions Best Practices Guide"


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> Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2003 10:53 AM
> To: barbara.shuh@nlc-bnc.ca
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> Subject: Re: NORZIG proposed new bib-1 Use attributes
> > Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 10:07:59 -0500
> > From: Shuh Barbara <barbara.shuh@nlc-bnc.ca>
> >
> > By proposing such extensions to the bib-1 attribute set, you are
> > negating all the work that has been done on the development of the
> > new attribute architecture and the bib-2 attribute set.
> Hi Barbara.
> I am very sympathetic to your complaint about the AA and BIB-2 being
> overlooked, and I very much agree that we should all be doing all we
> can to ensure that these unarguably superior technologies be used in
> preference to BIB-1 wherever appropriate.
> That said, I get the impression that the NORZIG people have a system
> already established, and that they merely want to extend it (if any
> NORZIGgers are on this list, maybe they can confirm or deny?)  If
> that's correct, then it seems a bit harsh to require them to throw out
> all their existing search-profiling and start from scratch with the
> Attribute Architecture.
> So I'm really keen on the AA -- you'll have noticed that I used it and
> it alone for the search specifications in both the Zthes profile
> (zthes.z3950.org) and ZeeRex (explain.z3950.org) -- but I don't think
> we can hope to successfully impose it on communities that are already
> 90% of the way through implementation.
> > I note that in the recently released specs for an IMS Digital
> > Repositories Interoperability specification
> > http://www.imsglobal.org, there are guidelines for the use of Z39.50
> > and a proposal for an extensive extension of bib-1 for IMS
> > Meta-Data.  Why not take the opportunity to use the new attribute
> > architecture there?
> The only reference I could find to Z39.50 on that site was in the IMS
> Digital Repositories White Paper at
> 	http://www.imsglobal.org/imsdr_whitepaper_v1p6.html
> which says:
> 	Searching allows the portal to send the same query to
> 	many content providers, retrieving results from each,
> 	merging them, and then presenting them to the
> 	user.  Searching is facilitated through the use of
> 	Z39.50 and the Bath Profile.  It is not necessary for
> 	portals to talk directly to content providers in all
> 	cases - brokers may take queries from portals and fan
> 	them out to multiple content providers.  A broker uses
> 	Z39.50 to talk to both the portal and the content
> 	provider.
> It doesn't seem unreasonable to me that this project, in which Z39.50
> appears to play a very small part, should use the Bath profile, which
> has a great deal of international recognition.
> (What I do think is an absolute crying shame is that Bath decided to
> go with BIB-1 in the first place, when BIB-2 was -- just -- available
> to be used instead.  That was the moment of opportunity to Save The
> World.)
> By the way, none of this should be construed to mean that I am
> particularly fond of the specific access points that the NORZIG
> propose.  I'll comment separately on them.
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