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Last Call status & Meeting

From: Shivaram Mysore <Shivaram.Mysore@Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 14:45:22 -0700
To: www-xkms@w3.org
Message-id: <3EC95072.5040606@sun.com>


As a part of the XKMS last call process, we (chairs) had requested 
requests from other groups if they would have comments on our spec. 
This is the status so far:

  W3C XML Activity    	- no response yet
  Oasis ebXML TC	        - no response yet
  Oasis Security Services TC  - no response yet
  WAP Forum      	- no response yet

  Oasis WSS TC		- May send comments

  W3C XML Signature   	- Will not send formal comment - charter expired
  W3C XML Encryption 	- Will not send formal comment - charter expired

  W3C XML Protocol -

  Oasis DSS TC - Will send in comments by May 23


  Carlie Adams -
  Joseph Reagle -
  Roland Lockhart -
  Aleksey Sanin -
  Yasir Khan -
  Shivaram Mysore -

As per our last telecon, we would like to schedule a con call on one of 
the following days - May 22/23, May 28, 29.  If this is not possible at 
all, then I would like to do it in June 1st week.  Please let me know at 
the earliest which date most suits you.

Also, I would like to request everyone to go thro' the comments and if 
possible post replies on which ones will need fixes and ones that we 
need more thought on and which are out of the way that we should avoid.


Shivaram H. Mysore <shivaram.mysore@sun.com>

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