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Re: "test licence" before using the validator

From: chajadan <chajadan@starroute.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 12:45:54 -0800
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I don't know if you got my e-mail, but like I said, an error does NOT mean
your page is not fully functional to the average surfer.

But that is obvious. What's NOT obvious are all the areas that may be
affected by OTHER lesser used browsers, or the general flow and evolution of
standards and markup languages themselves.

It's sometimes just an ounce of prevention, you know?

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  From: Sofia Lauffs
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  Subject: Re: "test licence" before using the validator

        Hi there!

        You have to excuse my written English. It is not my first language
and I
        sometimes get the words slightly wrong.

        Unfortunatly I can't provide you with examples, all the pages are on

        I am not trying to say that the validator interprets. I am saying
that I can
        interpret the message it gives me to something that at least is
        understandable for laymen. I understand that this is not an option
to make
        the validator do. What I am asking for is a paragraph, telling
laymen that
        what the validator might give an error message for something that is
        necessarily disabling the page.

        Am I clear enough now?


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