TV Back Channel

From: Venkatesh D N (
Date: Wed, May 03 2000

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    Date: Thu, 04 May 2000 09:20:27 +0530
    From: Venkatesh D N <>
    Subject: TV Back Channel
    I would like to know if there are any specifications for transmitting
    MPEG-2 stream over TCP/IP ??
    This would be required, for making a TV interface with the Internet. For
    exmaple, if the user wants
    to download a program stored in some "Content Server" based on DSM-CC,
    then this MPEG-2 stream
    has to be transported as payload in  TCP/IP packet. How this is achieved
    ?? Similarly if the user clicks
    on a URL that is broadcasted on TV during an advertisement or as part of
    some program, then in order
    to access the WEB, there need to be mechanism to access the web. Are
    there any proposals for achieving
    these functionalities ???  What are the basic protocols apart from
    TCP/IP that would be required for doing
    this ????
    If any of you know answers to my questions please let me know.
    Best regards,