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Date: Mon, May 15 2000

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    	Subject:	TV Back Channel
    	I would like to know if there are any specifications for
    	MPEG-2 stream over TCP/IP ??
    YES, RTSP is designed to do this, you can find a copy at
    	This would be required, for making a TV interface with the Internet.
    	exmaple, if the user wants
    	to download a program stored in some "Content Server" based on
    	then this MPEG-2 stream
    	has to be transported as payload in  TCP/IP packet. 
    There are a number of proprietary Video on Demand Solutions from companies
    such as NCube and Oracle which do this.
    	How this is achieved
    Answering that question properly is way beyond the scope of this mailing
    list.  I suggest that If this is other than an idol question, your
    organisation needs to recruit an experts in these fields.
    	?? Similarly if the user clicks
    	on a URL that is broadcasted on TV during an advertisement 
    The Broadcaster would have to specially encode the URL into the video
    stream, or the STB would require some very clever character recognition
    software, at the moment this is not a realistic prospect, to do this
    currently your talking a serious hacks.
    	or as part of
    	some program, then in order
    	to access the WEB, there need to be mechanism to access the web. 
    This would need to be designed into an STB from the beginning.
    	there any proposals for achieving
    	these functionalities ???
    Yes, but not here this group is only concerned with the broadcast model.
    	What are the basic protocols apart fromTCP/IP that would be required
    for doing
    	this ????
    	If any of you know answers to my questions please let me know.
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