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[OT] Threading, quoting and addressing (Was: Re: Re[2]: Browser support for downloadable fonts in CSS)

From: Jan Roland Eriksson <jrexon@newsguy.com>
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 19:55:54 +0100
To: <www-style@w3.org>
Message-ID: <pdg56u0oo6s6lt0jh34fqhl2fkf9fh4cla@4ax.com>
On Wed, 6 Feb 2002 16:54:34 -0800, Chris Wilson wrote:

>I apologize for wasting 8 lines (including whitespace) of your valuable
>bandwidth.  I'll try to be more verbose in my answers in the future, or
>at the very least leave out some context for brevity's sake.  :^)

Your headers have a volume that makes me wonder what real purpose they
serve. And yes, if it matters, I do have to pay per minute out of my
own pocket for access to the net. No free local calls in Sweden.

>Jan Roland Eriksson [mailto:jrexon@newsguy.com] wrote:
>>Even all of you "damned" Americans shall know that you are not 
>>talking to your self in your own dialects here, "the world" is 
>>listening in too, and I for one find it extremely difficult to 
>>sort out "who is actually asking who" a question up here.

>Heh.  This is Chris Wilson speaking.

I know, I can read that.

>I would point out that Chris Lilley is not an American;

I should have said "Anglo saxons", I know CL is in Britain some where.

>he very nicely prefixed all lines of my previous mail with "CW>"
>to denote "Chris Wilson"; I'm sorry if you couldn't follow the
>nesting procedure of ">" vs. ">>", but it has been in use for a
>very long time in mailing software.

Yes, exactly as I'm doing here, there is no need to confuse matters
beyond that.

>>>CW>I'm fairly certain Pocket IE does not support downloadable fonts.
>>>CW>know it was in MacIE as of 5.0 - don't know when it was added.

And when I get something like the above, at least admit that some one
here is not following conventions. How many of those '>' belongs to
your comment, three or four? where in the nesting level am I supposed
to place your comment?


>>JRE>I'm not surprised (about you being mistaken, that is),
>>JRE>by a reason or two...

>I suppose I would be insulted by that comment...
>...Are you just trying to bait me, or am I missing something here?

Well, I do appologize for the adrenaline outburst.

It was caused by me seing two of the guys that at least I consider
should have a level of expertise on how to communicate over the net,
go ahed an tamper with the subject line and as a result my threading
broke so I had to start chasing messages that belonged together.

[1] Yes, I do need to thread on subject thanks to a lot of
    other people using crappy software, or ditto web based
    services, that does not understand about how to keep a
    reference chain in workable order.

[2] I would wish for every one that posts to a "one to many"
    forum, like a mailing list, not to use "Reply to all".
    We are all subscribed to the list and the list server will
    send us what we need. Those who really needs a CC should
    ask explicitly for that IMO.
    As it came out now I have duplicate messages from both
    Chris'es, one mailed directly to me and the other one from
    the list server. What good is that?
    Send messages only 'To' the list and set 'Reply-To' to the
    list also, and let the list server do the dirty work.

[3] Also on my whish list, be careful when quoting, taking care
    not to lose context, and don't post jeopardy style messages.

These two talks about usenet but they are appropriate to any forum
that is designed as a "one to many" communication system.


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