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Re: Comments for CSS1 Test Suite

From: Eric A. Meyer <emeyer@sr71.lit.cwru.edu>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 13:28:09 -0500
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To: www-style@w3.org
>Suggestion for the navbars: make them Bobby-approved, with a separating
>character between adjacent links, or else you might make the enclosing
>[brackets] the separators, outside the anchors.

   Er... who's Bobby, and how do I get approval?  Besides, I DO have a
separating character.  It's just a space, that's all.  I've considered
moving the brackets out of the anchors, actually.  I'll have to look at my
export calculations and figure which would be easier to do.

>We can dream. Make the whole suite HTML 4.0 strict with DOCTYPEs. :-)

   There's a bit of debate over this one, actually.  I have at least one
request to purposely leave out </P> tags in order to force tests of HTML
parsing.  I'm still turning that one over in my head-- is this appropriate
for a CSS test?  I can see reasons for and against, and haven't yet made up
my mind.

>1.6 (sec16.htm)
>P outside TABLE would not be navy, given that the only color specified for
>P is
>HTML BODY TABLE P {color: navy; font-family: sans-serif;}. Ian Hickson
>mentioned this I believe.

   Yep.  See my response to Ian on that one; it's a botched selector.

>1.7 (sec17.htm)
>Maybe add a test for a comment inside a style rule, like for example:
>.three {color: green; /* background: yellow; */}

   To quote myself when I read this:  "Ooo!  Good idea!"

>2.4 (sec24.htm)
>Paragraphs would be "maroon" not "green"; (there is no style for green there).

   Typo.  Fixed.

>5.2.2 (sec522.htm)
>Minor point. The sentences, "This sentence is normal for the first
>section." are serif because they are inside DIV.a which is
>font-family:serif. Same for DIV.b and monospace. This might have been less
>confusing to me if the DIVs had no style rules, or, if "The style
>declarations which apply to the text below are:" said, "The style
>declarations which apply to the two sections below are:".

   I'll reword those opening sentences to make the idea more explicit.  My
goal was to provide a generic font-family for a given DIV, and then
specifically override it with the class selectors.

>5.3.2 (sec532.htm)
>"No maroon backgrounds here!"
>There is no maroon declaration; I think this means "green."

   Another typo.  Also fixed.

>5.5.25 and 5.5.26 (sec5525.htm and sec5526.htm)
>"redtall.gif" either needs WIDTH and HEIGHT or a square shape like
>"redsqr.gif" or "redsquare.gif" or the text could be changed from, "a red


>I hope there is not too much duplication of effort here. Best of luck with
>your project, Eric. It is looking great.

   Thanks, Susan.  Everyone is helping make it much better, and I really
appreciate it.

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