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Re: Proprietary Properties?

From: Eric A. Meyer <eam3@po.cwru.edu>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 17:28:57 -0500
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To: www-style@w3.org
>MS has implemented support for a number of "proposed" CSS properties in
>IE4. I can't provide a list, but the "hover" pseudoclass on links, custom
>cursor and filter support come to mind. I don't think these are really so
>insidious in themselves, but I wish they'd implement all of CSS1 before
>going off on their own.

   I agree with you completely about CSS1 implementations.  However, are
these "proposed CSS properties" implementations of properties which were
part of the proposed CSS2 specification, or are they properties which
Microsoft proposed and then campaigned to get into the specification?  (I
note that they all seem to be there in one sense or another, at least in
the Index.)
   There is, I hope ye ken, a small but crucial difference.

>Like "width" on block-level elements other than DIV

   No kidding.  I didn't realize DIVs supported 'width,' though.  Hmmm... I
may have to use that in some pages I was designing.

>or the real "ex" unit (not just .5 em).

   Is that what they did?  Bleah.  This means that the compatibility charts
in my Reference Guide are a little misleading, doesn't it?  Sigh... and I
was already depressed enough by the fact the cross-platform, cross-browser
support of CSS1 is standing at just above 12.5%...

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