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RE: Switch Tags (two replies in one email)

From: Shelton, David C <David.Shelton2@unisys.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 10:22:37 -0600
Message-Id: <199902031622.QAA27522@ih85.ea.unisys.com>
To: "'www-smil@w3.org'" <www-smil@w3.org>
<From: Jack Jansen >

>> From experimenting, I've gotten the following with GRiNS and RealMedia
>> 				GRiNS		RealMedia
>> system-language	no		yes
>> system-screen-depth	no		no
>> system-screen-size	no		no
>> system-bitrate		yes(?)	?
>> the rest			?		?
> GRiNS supports all of these, but trying your example has revealed a bug
> we weren't aware of: changing the preferences settings does not always
> effect immedeately. I will investigate this. Until a new version of the
> is released it is probably best to quit and restart the player after
> preference values.

Thanks for the note on the language/preference issue. If I may make a
suggestion, when you do the upgrade, you should add a link to either a file
or a part of the program so the user knows what the different two letter
language representations are. Also does GRiNS use the five letter dialects?
For example, ar-iq for Arabic (Iraq), ar-dz for Arabic (Algeria).

One other note, when I try to use system-screen-size, I always get an error
message saying "warning: syntax error on line 14: bad screen-size
attribute," yet line 14 looks like this: <seq system-screen-size="800x600">
I even switched the numbers and played with uppercase and lowercase "x" and
still received the same error message. From what I can tell off of the W3C
SMIL's page, what I have typed is correct.

Again, Thanks

<From: Bridie Saccocio>
> BTW, RealPlayer is able to playback both .avi and .wav files.

This was good to know, since when I contacted RealMedia about this, I was
told that it could not. 

You wouldn't happen to know what DLL's or files are needed to view these
items? When I viewed these SMIL file that used the .avi and .wav's, it asked
to download the plug-ins associated with them. I can now view the .avi and
.wav files, but need to know what the plug-ins where due to the setting this
will be used for. It is strictly an intranet setting (no connections to the
internet) which means the user would not be able to download the plug-ins. 

I can ask RealMedia, but I thought you might know. (I know I'll have to work
some licensing agreement out first, probably, but I'd like to test the
scenarios before even considering purchasing.)

Thanks go to you too for the help.


david s.
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