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model-model mapping

From: Danny Ayers <danny666@virgilio.it>
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 23:10:28 +0100
To: "Www-Rdf-Logic" <www-rdf-logic@w3.org>
Message-ID: <EBEPLGMHCDOJJJPCFHEFIECMELAA.danny666@virgilio.it>
Could anyone please point me in the direction of any work done on ways of
mapping between different vocabularies, schemas and their models. There's
obviously been a fair bit of work been done on things like mapping RDBMS
schema to XML schema or object models, but what I'm after is a more generic,
'meta' form of this. Terms like 'equivalentTo' would work in this context,
but what would be really nice would be to find a whole RDF Schema in this
space ;-)

The particular application I have in mind only needs a narrow aspect of this
: more or less one-to-one mapping between an arbitrary domain-specific graph
based model (such as that of a hierarchical organisation) and a general-case
graph (just nodes & arcs here), but the ability to map from one model to
another enables the reasoning facilities (i.e. algorithms) of the second
model to be applied to the first, which is an approach that strikes me as
being ideal for SW work, but rather neglected (ok, this is something that is
done a lot through the back door, e.g. using the Rete algorithm in Jess
plugged into from Protege, but the mapping is, meta-speaking, usually
hard-coded). If I do have to come up with my own RDFS, then it might as well
be based on a reasonably general case (rather than the feeble attempts I've
tried so far).



Danny Ayers
<stuff> http://www.isacat.net </stuff>
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