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SW and Pervasive Computing RE: More On the Semantic Web

From: jzhang <jzhang@ns.gcinfo.com.cn>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 17:57:27 +0800
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I am late to this discussion. However, I think this thread is too
important to be let go.

> There were many people in the 80's working on hypermedia systems, and a
> significant reason that they stalled and the WWW took off is that they
> cared about ensuring consistency, bidirectional links, etc., and Tim was
> willing to let go of that.  The result is >1 billion WWW pages, and
> probably >10 billion links.  A small percentage of the pages are broken,
> but on the whole the WWW provides tremendous value.
> Similarly, I view most of what has been done in AI as focused on
> consistency, correctness, etc., which (so far) has limited the successes
> it can claim.  If you're looking for a Semantic Web that can give you
> "truth", we've got a long wait.  If you're looking for something that
> improves search results through related concepts and simple inferences, in
> a few years you should be able to get something that's useful, but not
> perfect.
> -Matt Jensen
>  NewsBlip
>  Seattle

I agree 100% with this view. The word "semantics" really means 
imposed structure in computer science. No one would suggest presenting 
a complete "understanding" in AI's natural lanaguage understanding 
sense. We need only enough "semantics" for what we need to do with

Only "enhancing search" is propablly too narrow and too vague a
goal. In the world of mobile access to Internet, we would need
a little more "semantics" to configure the information wisely
to fit in a screen of small configuration, or even fit for voice

I have been considering defining enough "semantics" only for
the pervasive computing purpose. Although concrete, it is already
challenging enough.

J. Jay Zhang

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