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RE: More On the Semantic Web (or: is RDF any good?)

From: Craig Pugsley <craig.pugsley@mimesweeper.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 13:50:59 -0000
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See below.


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> Subject: Re: More On the Semantic Web (or: is RDF any good?)
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> > RDF just seems too complex to be adopted my the
> > masses for the purpose it was intended
> To a certain extent it can be generated, or we can use META 
> tools to write
> Semantic document.

Yes. This is my point. We need to isolate people from these techy issues if
they're going to adopt it.

> However, it isn't hard to write a semantic document: I've just been
> preparing one, based on the SDF thing I'm looking into [and 
> this is coming
> from someone who finds JavaScript "tricky"] ;-)
> The trick is to think about semantics and not presentation: what it is
> rather than what it looks like. It would be easy to write 
> stuff to process
> it, and tools to create it. Needs a lot of work 'though...

True, it probably isn't hard for a person who is fluent in XML & RDF syntax,
etc... However, web-site designers are not going to want to play around with
XML/RDF (or whatever) to write their semantic code. They want drag and drop
- in essence. And this is the level of complexity we must provide. If, after
they've written a semantic document describing whatever entity they choose
to describe, they do not know what RDF is, then we have succeeded.

> Here's the code:

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