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Re: Do as I say, not as I do!

From: Brian Huisman <bhuisman@greywyvern.com>
Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 18:18:15 +0000
To: "Stevie D" <stevie@sjd117.freeserve.co.uk>
Message-Id: <4005AA95-B958-4030-B03D-23E1EA8AC9B6@greywyvern.com>
Cc: www-qa@w3.org

Hi Steve,

I only wrote the article, not the surrounding page template,  
unfortunately.  I am not sure who's responsible for the design of  
those pages but I have Cc'd the QA list which was in charge of  
accepting the article for publication.

Actually, I was hoping to lead by example, as I was painfully aware  
the template was doing exactly what I was telling people they  
shouldn't. :)  But I didn't say anything up front (when I should've : 
( ) and after a few weeks I forgot about it.

Perhaps something still can be done.


On Sat, 07 May 2005 12:29:13 -0400, Stevie D  
<stevie@sjd117.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:

> Hi W3C,
> I've been using your validator to check some pages I've been writing -
> and a very handy tool it is too. I like reading the "tip of the day",
> although I've been in this business so long that I've come across them
> all before by now - useful tips for people starting out though.
> BUT.
> You have a page http://www.w3.org/QA/Tips/unordered-lists all about
> using <ul> lists to group clusters of links, such as menus. And what
> do you have on that self-same page? Three lists of links, all marked
> up as pipe or bullet separated text ... not as lists!
> It would be a much more convincing guide to good practice if you were
> seen to be following it yourself.
> (Sorry if that sounds preachy - I know my own pages are not perfect
> either ... but then again, they aren't telling other people how to
> write good code!)
> Cheers,
> Stevie
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