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Re: Assignments matrix for the QA Framework review (was: XMLP Last Call Heads-Up)

From: Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux <dom@w3.org>
Date: 26 Jun 2002 12:10:23 +0200
To: Lofton Henderson <lofton@rockynet.com>
Cc: www-qa-wg@w3.org
Message-Id: <1025075657.2239.330.camel@stratustier>

Le mer 26/06/2002 ŗ 00:27, Lofton Henderson a ťcrit :
> Here are some initial assignment entries:
> ** Lofton:  SVG Ops
> ** Dimitris:  DOM Ops
> ** Sandra (&Lynne):  XML Ops

Added to the matrix.
> Questions/suggestions:
> 1.) Could we accommodate both the assignment and the completed result in 
> the same matrix?  I'm thinking that people would chose an assignment, at 
> which time they would get an entry in the matrix (plus a completion 
> date?).  There could be a link to the WG's home page, or document to be 
> reviewed, or ...

Looks good.
> When completed, we could add a link to the raw review data, which would be 
> put in /QA/Group space.  (I'm not suggesting that we close our  procedures 
> in general, but these "raw" review data really aren't suitable for general 
> public consumption, I don't think.)
> After we firm these details, I'll send links for the first three entries.

Looks good too. Let me know when you've put online the first three
entries, and I'll link to them.
> 2.) Should we also link the current skeleton review forms from that 
> page?  Attached is the primitive one that we used for the first three Ops 
> GL reviews.  We could probably make a nicer one with a small variant of 
> checklist.xslt (with numbering, document title, document "this version" 
> link, and dated subtitle).
> What do you think?

Integrate Quality Assurance into Working Group activities. 

In the Charter, specify the level of commitment to QA. Plan to have at
least a commitment to "QA level three".

In the Charter, plan at least for the "QA level five".

In the Charter, plan for the "QA level seven".

In the Charter, enumerate QA deliverables and expected milestones. 

In the Charter, associate QA criteria with WG milestones. 

Define resources for Working Group QA activities. 

In the Charter, address where and how conformance test materials will be

In the Charter, address QA staffing commitments. 

In the Call for Participation, request allocation of QA resources to the
Working Group. 

Synchronize QA activities with the milestones for WG deliverables. 

Synchronize the publication of QA deliverables and the specification's

Support specification versioning/errata in the QA deliverables. 

Define the QA process. 

Appoint a QA moderator. 

Appoint a QA task force. 

Produce the QA Process document. 

In the QA Process document, define means for QA-related communication. 

In the QA Process document, specify the framework for test materials

Specify a policy for branding materials. 

QA Process: Plan test materials development. 

In the test framework, ensure test materials are documented and usable
for the intended purpose. 

In the QA Process document, define a contribution process. 

In the QA Process document, define the licenses applicable to submitted
test materials. 

In QA Process document, define review procedures for submitted test

Test materials review process includes but not limited to checking for
accuracy, scope and clarity of the tests. 

QA Process: Plan test materials publication. 

Ensure a secure, reliable, freely accessible repository location for
test materials. 

In the QA Process document, define the licenses applicable to published
test materials. 

In the QA Process document, describe how the test materials will be
published and point to the corresponding web page. 

Provide a disclaimer regarding the use of the test materials for
compliance verification. 

In the QA Process document, describe how the test results for the
products can be published. 

Plan the transfer of test materials to W3C if needed. 

If transfer of the test materials to W3C is planned, perform an
assessment of their quality. 

If transfer of the test materials to W3C is planned, identify sufficient
staff resources to meet the requirements. 

If transfer of the test materials to W3C is planned, resolve IPR
questions and reach agreement with the external party that produced test

Plan for test materials maintenance. 

Maintain the contribution and review procedures throughout the entire
life cycle of the test materials and the standard itself. 

In the Working Group's QA process document, specify a procedure for
updates of the test materials to track new errata/specification

In the Working Group's QA process document, identify the communication
channel and procedure for appeals of tests validity. 
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