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Re: Exit does not save properties. By design?

From: Jeff Dripps <jeff@macalot.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 1996 10:31:29 -0400
Message-Id: <l03010500ae894d73d146@[]>
To: Alexandre Rafalovitch <alex@access.com.au>
Cc: www-jigsaw@w3.org
>A simple question.
>When exiting Jigsaw (via /Admin/Exit), should it save the properties?
>I am a just a bit confused on this issue. I can see advantages of either
>and I don't know which is valid.
>Or maybe it is resource specific and all properties are saved except for
>the special cases?
>In my case, I am talking about Keep-Alive toggle in Connection Properties.
>I set it to false, then exited the server. When I started again, it was
>back to true.
>Is it bug or a feature?
>Still digging,
>--------| I feel as confused as a baby in a topless bar. |--------

Hi Alex,

I have found that the only way to save the (general, connection & logping)
properties is by executing the 'save properties' link in the properties
resource. Clicking the restart server or leaving through the Exit resource
does not save them. It appears that nothing contained in the httpd.props
file is written out, unless this 'save properties' link is followed. While
I would consider this a bug, Anselm may have a good reason. I guess we'll
just have to wait til his move back to France is complete, to find out. (:
sinc, -jeff

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