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Re: How to download and build IsaViz 3.0 alpha from CVS?

From: Christoph Lange <ch.lange@iu-bremen.de>
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 00:11:17 +0200
To: Emmanuel Pietriga <emmanuel.pietriga@inria.fr>
Cc: www-isaviz@w3.org
Message-Id: <200704180011.17520.ch.lange@iu-bremen.de>

Hi Emmanuel,

On Saturday 14 April 2007 09:44, Emmanuel Pietriga wrote:
> You first have to checkout the entire source code from directory java/
> classes/org/w3c/IsaViz in the CVS repository.
> ...
> You will also need to update all the dependencies (JAR files) in the
> lib/. You will find more information about the latest dependencies,
> as well as built version of IsaViz 3.0-alpha at [1].

Checking the project out from CVS turned out to be easy following your how-to 
(I'm more used to Subversion), but even with all of the dependencies copied 
from my running installation of the IsaViz 3.0-alpha binary build it would 
not build -- because of a class com.xerox.VTM.glyphs.ClosedShape (probably 
supposed to be in the zvtm package) and many others missing.

For now, I'll stick to the binary package. Are updates announced somewhere? 
E.g. on this list?



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