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Re: escaping escaping

From: Wingnut <wingnut@winternet.com>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 05:36:15 -0600
Message-ID: <3DEDE8AF.4020005@winternet.com>
To: www-html@w3.org

Hi gang!  Thanks for the excellent replies and massive knowledge I 
gained!  I hope I didn't cause any hassles.  If everyone still has 
patience with me, allow me to tell a bit more about my need.  I develop 
  dynamic (and user-typed) markup methods on a MOO... for MOOzilla, a 
MOO/MUD client (telnet-like) written with Javascript and xul... that 
runs as a Mozilla application. (moo.ca/moozilla)

In my applications, I don't have a cross-browser worry, for I don't see 
MOOzilla running atop non-Mozilla browsers for quite some time, if ever. 
  The XMP element works just like I want it to, but I haven't seen that 
element in a spec... hmm... ever?  Its been awhile, at least.

Amongst the HELP SECTION of LamdbaCore MOOs, there are piles of LT's and 
GT's embeded, and of course, Mozilla thinks its seeing an element, and 
toggles in and out of "tag open" mode.  I am looking for a way to fool 
MOOzilla into what one might call "plaintext mode" so those HELP 
sections can be read properly.  I also have a need to output raw html 
often, for teaching HTML to users.  There's likely other solves to my 
hassle, but a XMP-like operation could be one.  Is XMP likely to stay 

Although I have not researched the situation real well, I believe 
MOOzilla's MOO output screen sits in an open TABLE element, and outputs 
are TD'd into display, via addNodes.  MOOzilla doesn't hold style state 
per se, so all style is embeded into the elements.  MOOzilla, in a way, 
is a 'node viewer'.  It could be kludgeful (I wouldn't know) but it 
still makes-for the most powerful chat environment on the planet (imho), 
especially with the addition of the Quicktime 6 plugin... which has 
decent OBJECT and PARAM element compliancy.  We MOOers, till now, have 
only dreamt of CSS power on our output screen.  Ok, that's REALLY off 
topic and over-long.  I think, though, in discussing future specs, even 
the odd applications could be kept in mind, and odd applications require 
explanation sometimes.  :)

Thanks again.  Great discussion, to me anyway!


Original message:
> Hello!  Can we chew on the possibility of using CSS's...
> style='display: escaped;'
> ... where a styled-as-such elements' contents would hit the browser 
> escaped (not rendered), as in HTML source text?  I probably have my 
> terms screwed up, but you understand. :) I am looking for a 
> container-tag or method to display html source without manually or 
> dynamically escaping the lt's, gt's, quotes, amps, etc... during 
> authoring.  display: escaped; sounded rather interesting so I thought 
> I'd throw it to the wolves for consumption. :)  I'm still looking-into 
> SOURCE, CODE, PRE, SAMP, etc.  All comments welcome.  If 
> topic-wandering, email directly to me as wanted.
> Best regards!
> Uncle Wingnut
> wingnut@winternet.com
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