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I would think that the user agent should deal with rendering accesskeys and
the like.  That may one reasoning behind deprecating underline.  Using U for
indicating the accesskey doesn't seem like a real good solution for the long
term.  The UA would be the appropriate place for the rendering to be
decided.  I know that most UAs don't handle this, yet.  But, what happens
when your pages are viewed with a UA that renders accesskeys according to
the OS specs?  What about a browser that can't handle accesskey, a lonely
underlined letter wouldn't make sense to the user?  I tend to agree that B
and I should have been deprecated.  Even though they may have come to mean
something, that meaning surely is fuzzy.  According to the definition given
in the HTML specs, they should have been deprecated.  I am surprised that
section 15.2 isn't deprecated.  However, it does state that use of section
15.2 is discouraged in favor of Style Sheets.

,David Norris

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