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Mon, 24 Nov 1997 21:15:04 +0200

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Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 21:15:04 +0200
To: James Green <>
From: Jonathan Rosenne <>
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Subject: Re: Bandwidth

This is known as "proxy", and is widely available.


At 10:24 24/11/97 +0000, James Green wrote:
>I had this fairly simple idea but cannot see why it hasn't been 
>Bandwidth has become one of the Internet's primary problems, created by 
>large amounts of graphics attempting to solve the typographical 
>limitations of HTML, and corporate logos, pictures, etc., a lot of 
>which are unnecessary.
>Whilst this may for the forseeable future be unavoidable, large 
>animation such as movies and 'live' broadcasts could be cut down in 
>their deployment across networks.
>I take the following assumption before suggestion a solution:
>   When anyone requests a file, for example and 2mb .mov from a server 
>in USA  to themselves in Britain, it gets downloaded uniquely, i.e. 
>just for them.
>So then, what if an event was being shown, like the ones from 
>Microsoft's web site frequently advertised, which attracted many people 
>from Britain to watch it? Presumably, taking x to be the number of 
>viewers, their would be x number of copies of the stream being 
>broadcast from the server, across the atlantic, via Telehouse and/or 
>LINK, to their ISPs to themselves. Why???
>Surely, intelligent routers would say, hang on, if x number of requests 
>are coming from Britain, let's only send one, and have a final point of 
>separtion in Britain where a server gives the incoming (one) stream to 
>the many?
>Now, if this is already happening, then forget I asked, but I bet it's 
>I know that information is actually split up and sent many ways around 
>the net to it's destination, but if there was only one copy, there 
>wouldn't be so much of a traffic problem in the first place!
>Well, that's my idea, anyway. Yes, tell me I'm wrong, but thinking 
>logically, I would have thought this would be a good idea.
>James Green
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