Line spacing (was Re: Some complaints about HTML 4.0)

Walter Ian Kaye (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 22:13:08 -0700

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Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 22:13:08 -0700
From: Walter Ian Kaye <>
Subject: Line spacing (was Re: Some complaints about HTML 4.0)

At 12:53a -0400 07/13/97, Liam Quinn wrote:
 > At 09:43 PM 12/07/97 -0700, David Perrell wrote:
 > >Liam Quinn wrote:
 > >> While we're on this topic...  What about multiple BR elements?
 > >Should
 > >> these be collapsed?
 > >
 > >No, for the same reason as &nbsp;. HTML should not be an exercise in
 > >pedantry. Choose the interpretation that provides the most power of
 > >expression. Do not actively limit presentational possibilities for the
 > >sake of structural Puritanism.
 > So would you do away with the HTML 4.0 draft's comment concerning empty
 > paragraphs:
 > | Empty P elements are bad form and should be ignored by the renderer.
 > (
 > Empty P elements are similar to multiple BR elements in a lot of ways...

Well, how would we do this in a word processor? We would set the style of
a paragraph to have a certain size "space-before" value. Anyone who would
use multiple returns needs to go read the book "The Mac is not a Typewriter"
(which really is about word processing in general).

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