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13 Aug 1997 00:34:52 +0100

Date: 13 Aug 1997 00:34:52 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
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Subject: Re: JUSTIFY

   Hakon Lie wrote:
   >CSS has this:
   >  BODY { text-align: justify }

   thanks, i had missed that all together
   looking too hard i guess......

   can this be applied as:

   BLOCKQUOTE { text-align: justify }


   P { text-align: justify }

Yes, exactly that. Far better than align=justify (I had assumed you
couldn't or didn't want to use a stylesheet).

   >What you're looking for is <p align="justify">, right? And <div
   >align="justify">? Do browsers support these?

   that is exactly what I would love to see
   i can't be sure if it's proper or not, though
   i realize CSS is supposed to take care of all
   the style elements of a document so it should
   cover alignments, but, on the other hand, 
   justification is simply the proper way to align
   a blockquote--so it's not really a style issue
   in that case (the one i'm most concerned with)

Justification has nothing to do with block quotations: it's simply a
conventional way of lining up margins in paragraphs of continuous
text.  In fact, I have often seen block quotations set _un_justified
in the middle of otherwise justified text. There's nothing "proper"
about either way: it's a style decision. I'm simply not clear why you
feel it's so important to justify block-quoted material over and above
regular paragraphs (unless I've misunderstood something).