Type sizes

Peter Flynn (pflynn@imbolc.ucc.ie)
13 Aug 1997 00:47:15 +0100

Date: 13 Aug 1997 00:47:15 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <pflynn@imbolc.ucc.ie>
To: www-html@w3.org
Message-id: <199708122347.AAA07474@imbolc.ucc.ie>
Subject: Type sizes

Just for the record, the old names I referred to for type sizes used
in newspaper houses were:

	3pt	Minikin
	3.5pt	Brilliant
	4pt	Gem
	4.5pt	Diamond
	5pt	Pearl
	5.5pt	Ruby
	6pt	Nonpareil
	6.5pt	Emerald
	7pt	Minion
	8pt	Brevier
	9pt	Bourgeois
	10pt	Longprimer
	11pt	Small Pica
	12pt	Pica
	14pt	English
	18pt	Great Primer

[Charles Fyffe, _Basic Copyfitting_, Studio Vista, London, 1969, 
289-79705-5, pp 62-63]

The use of Elite for 10pt seems to have been introduced _after_ the
invention of typewriting, not before.

Agate is not among the ones listed, but Fyffe does comment that the
list is not exhaustive and also varies geographically.