Multipage Forms

David Peilow (
Fri, 31 May 1996 14:20:46 GMT

Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 14:20:46 GMT
From: David Peilow <>
Subject: Multipage Forms
Message-Id: <>

  I want to set up an easy way for people to make forms that 
reside on more than one page, eg for use in Comercial 
Catalogues which are being used as order forms. I have seen 
this done, but it uses a very complicated system of CGIs on 
the host. Could an easier method be setup? I think a tag 
like the one below might work.

   On each page's form tag you have :
   <form name="example">
  This would make the browser store all the information from 
forms with the same name (ie "example") in memory.
  On the final form where you have the submit button, you 
have :
 <INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT VALUE="button text" formname="example">
   This would submit all data from all the "example" forms 
to the server.
   Could it be made to work? It would certainly make 
page writers lives easier!
  David Peilow