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Sat, 11 May 1996 15:10:47 +0200

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Subject: MATH
Date: Sat, 11 May 1996 15:10:47 +0200
From: Lineaer Algebraiker <> (Maurizio Codogno) wrote:
>As for <MATH>, why don't we create at last a www-math mailing list, and
>develop a DTD and an Internet-Draft? I admit my near-total ignorance in
>SGML aspects, but I can give a hand if we decide to start with the math
>part of the defunct 3.0 ...

Good idea! I am also SGML illiterate, nor am I a computer scientist (anyo=
ne =

guessed that I'm a mathematician yet?!). For my work I need a good refere=
nce =

on html math that I *know* will be supported by a reasonably good browser=
 in =

the not-so-distant-future. I can easily spend some time on getting this =

developed, and I can definitely donate the disk space/server effort etc. =
to =

maintain some math/html pages.

Personally I'd prefer a newsgroup over a mailing list - is this so hard t=
o =

achieve? - I don't quite get the point of mailing lists whith this amount=
 of =


Oblig. Math question:
Why the <math> - tag at all? I don't mean abolish it, but in some instanc=
es it =

can be quite unnecessary and annoying:

  If <math> a &le; b </math> then ...

should be as valid as

  If a &le; b then ...

[  &le; is the symbol for 'less then or equal to' ie. '<=3D'   ]

-- =

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MA104 Linear Algebra 'Open University Project'
Institute of Mathematics, University of Oslo, Norway