new anchor type?

Melt van Schoor (
Wed, 26 Jun 96 14:57 GMT+0200

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Date: Wed, 26 Jun 96 14:57 GMT+0200
From: Melt van Schoor <>
Subject: new anchor type?


This is probably not new, but has anyone ever thought about glossarry-style
hyperlinks, where a certain term might be explained in, say a pop-up box?

This would be useful in the sense that it prevents either 1)lots of small
documents (tiresome to create) or 2)one large glossary document

I don't know much about SGML, but something like this should do the trick

   He eats a <A EXPLAIN="A exaprotaplutic hydafolliciplic castiento">quig</A>.

When the reader clicks on "quig" the browser pops up a yellow box giving the

Something like this would increase the functionality of some pages I have
seen tenfold.