Re: new anchor type?

Paul (
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 08:58:40 +-800

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Subject: RE: new anchor type?
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 08:58:40 +-800

>   He eats a <A EXPLAIN="A exaprotaplutic hydafolliciplic castiento">quig</A>.

>When the reader clicks on "quig" the browser pops up a yellow box 
>giving the explanation.

>Thats a great idea very worth while too!! That would be a definite 
>plus to HTML!! I would suggest sending your idea directly to Hakon 

This could also be useful for doing footnotes/endnotes.  However, just
plain text isn't quite powerful enough in that case.

Wouldn't a link be sufficient?  Then you can show a picture of a "quig",
show pronunciation of the word, etc.  If a keyword to tell the browser
that the link is an explanation were added, then the browser could
deal with opening up a little HTML window above the word clicked.

With both of these methods, a glossary of terms could easily be created
when the HTML is printed.  However, the one with links could be richer.

I like the idea though.

- Paul