Frames Are Improving

Jason O'Brien (
Thu, 22 Aug 96 10:04:00 CDT

From: "Jason O'Brien" <>
To: "'www'" <>
Subject: Frames Are Improving
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 96 10:04:00 CDT
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I once swore off of frames forever, but since the latest versions of   
Netscape and MS Internet Explorer now allow for better navigation within   
frames, (hitting the BACK button at least allows going back within the   
frame) which was the big problem before, I think frames are becoming   
easier to use and incorporate into web page design.   The biggest problem   
still to solve is the fact that everyone views web pages on different   
display sizes, and this will forever be a problem for designing frames --   
does anyone else have a standard they design for?   I have learned that   
most people use 800x600, the in-between on most PC's -- does anyone else   
have any kind of statistics on what most people use?   I don't know if   
this problem will ever be solved when dealing with frame design.

Jason O'Brien