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XForms WG in 2005

From: Bjoern Hoehrmann <derhoermi@gmx.net>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 15:55:07 +0100
To: Steven.Pemberton@cwi.nl
Cc: tmichel@w3.org, www-forms@w3.org
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Dear XForms Working Group Chair,
Dear XForms Activity Lead,

After sending my congratulations on the fine quality of the XForms 1.0


it has been pointed out to me that that there actually are items known
to the Working Group that require normative corrections, clarifications
and even changes that affect conformance, yet none of these issues are
mentioned on the Errata document


It appears further that reviews concerning deliverables of the XForms
Working Group are not treated in a way one would expect from the Process
document and common practise within W3C, for example, my comments on the
XForms 1.0 Test Suite


have been ignored (and it appears the Test Suite is not maintained at
all which is probably worse than ignoring my comments), my comments on
the XForms 1.0 PR


have been pretty much ignored, my first comment on the XForms 1.1
Requirements document has not been properly formally addressed,


sub-sequent clarifications


have been pretty much ignored, my request for updated information on the
status of my comments with additional information on my original comment


has been ignored, and so on. In summary, it seems to me that trying to
work with the XForms Working Group is pretty much a waste of time and
advocating, implementing or using XForms seems to be rather expensive
and risky; the issues I've mentioned also make me doubt whether XForms
is really accurately described as the next generation of web forms. At
least it seems clear to me that these issues contribute to opposition
against XForms and the development of competing technologies.

As the current XForms charter is about to expire and assuming that there
will be a new XForms Working Group (assuming these issues are not caused
by the lack of interest among W3C membership which would result in lack
of resources which would mean the group cannot continue), what specific
steps do you intend to take to ensure that the next XForms Working Group
will be among the finest W3C Working Groups in the areas I've mentioned?

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