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Re: Where's Bobby? Are we left with Cynthia?

From: <Ryonaitis@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 06:19:53 EST
Message-ID: <261.5ce85f2.310b5bd9@aol.com>
To: jens.meiert@erde3.com, w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
Hello All:
And i would not underestimate Cynthia. Designed from an education and  
outreach aspect. The Cynthia Servers are constantly busy with the online  test.
_http://www.cynthiasays.com/_ (http://www.cynthiasays.com/) 
The Full Options Version allows for Exclusion of sections and testing for  
gif's animated.
When you consider the scope of this educational resource you will see that  
it exceeds what bobby was. I also think we take a more pragmatic view of what 
it  means as mentioned by many people on this list over time.
The Cynthia Tested button is a good statement I think and an evolution in  
how we look at accessibility testing: 
_http://www.cynthiasays.com/org/cynthiatested.htm_ (http://www.cynthiasays.com/org/cynthiatested.htm) 
As people have said you need to complete the audit process started with the  
tool.  The tool in fact can help. And to understand this it helps to  look at 
what it does do:
The Help Section on Cynthia Says includes both Videos and Tutorials on the  
The Cynthia Engine is our AccMonitor Platform Engine and you can read about  
what it tests for on our site for a better understanding:
Section 508
But we go a little further with this educational resource
We provide a desktop version at "no charge to K-12" and the EMEA  equivalent. 
We are dedicated to providing strong well supported educational  solutions!
Speaking of EMEA, we are also planning the release of versions into the  EMEA 
market and a continued education and outreach into the UK, Europe, The  
Middle East and Africa. And we have opened a Paris office to support these  efforts.
These educational products are good and a review of the Cynthia tested logo  
meaning will provide you with insight into what it is meant to be and NOT to  
We welcome feedback on this site always! Please feel free to send feature  
requests as well.
For those of you that look at Accessibility as part of the test and need a  
test that shows you the Accessibility, SEO (  Search Engine Optimization )  and 
Privacy all at the same time then our other educational solution:
The AccVerify Page Tester may be the answer for you:
This tester actually performs a tad bit faster then Cynthia as it takes  
advantage of some C# coding practices.
I hope you take the time to explore these educational solutions and please  
feel free to send feedback to HiSoftware. We believe in accepting all feedback  
and we appreciate it.
Rob Yonaitis
CTO - Founder
HiSoftware Company
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