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RE: RE : link in new window debate

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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 13:15:30 -0500
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Might as well throw out one more example that shows new windows are not necessarily a problem - lack of expectation, consistency, and notification are.  If I code a mailto link, a new window will open - period, no user control - no author control - no announcing a new window will open.  If this is OK, why isn't a link that informs the user a new window will open?  Asking why we need a new window is the same as asking why we need color or the ability to change font styles.  These are design issues, not usability or accessibility related.  Why not just have one huge font size that is always black.  New windows, when user is informed will occur, are not an accessibility issue, they are a design issue.


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Hang on, just putting on my hard hat and flak jacket.

Ready now

I have heard all the pro's and con's before, the solutions and alternatives
are endless, and it seems we are going round in circles. But I have a
question, why oh why do we need a new window in the first place? (unless we
just wish to demonstrate we can)

If it is a link and the individual wishes to click on it just send 'em
there. Or is there some added benefit to our lives as the web designer by
doing so?


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