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Re: Fresh start? Re: Minimal Browser Capabilities

From: Jim Ley <jim@jibbering.com>
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 01:47:27 -0000
Message-ID: <029f01c19010$140c2020$dc4001d5@7020CT>
To: "Vadim Plessky" <lucy-ples@mtu-net.ru>, <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
"Vadim Plessky":
> On Friday 28 December 2001 01:29, Jim Ley wrote:
> |    "Charles McCathieNevile"
> |   > available in one free browser for each platform? Or does it need
to be
> |   > avalable in IE (which is not a multi-platform browser - it is
> |   on two platforms and the versions are effectively different pieces
> |   software)?
> |
> |   > Or does it need to be available for at least two years?
> |
> |   I believe it's available on 4 platforms (Win32, Mac,Solaris, and
> | PocketPC) but it's also 4 seperate browsers with an entire different
> | codebase (unlike NN, or Mozilla) which share only a name.
> IE for PocketPC / Windows CE is, in fact, MS IE 4.0.

>It claims to be IE3 compatible, it's DOM is similar to NN3's (not IE3's)
it has things like Accesskey (I've yet to find out if you can access them
on iPaq or similar "pen" PDA's, do you have some definitive reason for
believing it to be IE4's codebase?

> Anyway, as Win CE PDA's do not have Ethernet or Radio-Ethernet
> built-in, I doubt they can be counted as a Platform.

My PC doesn't have any internet connectivity built-in, indeed, I use the
same mobile phone for both PC and PDA access (exclusively palm, I find my
iPaq to slow.)  In any case AvantGo or other "Channel" technology whereby
you download websites through a local connection to a PC and read
disconnected are very popular and still require the content to be

> And I can add to Jim's list another 1.5 platforms.
> 1) WebTV - which is also based on MS technologies

WebTV as a brand is indeed based on MS code, internet through your TV as a
concept is certainly not, the UK internet TV access (of which there are
many million of capable boxes - actual usage I don't know, but UK cable
and satellite digital boxes have browsers within them (Risc OS "Fresco"
browser in general I believe.)

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