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RE: About ABBR

From: Dick Brown <dickb@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 09:59:55 -0800
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At 9:36 AM 2/18/2000, Ann Navarro wrote:

> Sites can be single-A compliant without even trying if they use valid HTML
and even marginal design sense.

Ann, I respectfully disagree.

I think Web site owners *should* devote whatever resources and money are
necessary to make their sites accessible. But it is simplistic to say that
sites can be Single-A compliant just by using valid HTML and "even marginal
design sense." There are all sorts of goals to consider when designing a
site, and accessibililty is just one of them. Other goals include making
money, appealing to diverse audiences, being visually appealing, and fitting
in with a corporate image. Web developers are not magicians - they have to
work hard to balance the design requirements of those various goals.

Dick Brown
Program Manager, Web Accessibility
Microsoft Corp.

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At 09:22 AM 2/18/00 -0800, Lakespur Roca wrote:
>Your Metaphore is off a bit. What you are actually asking these "builders" 
>to do
>is build for Florida weather and make it earthquake safe. California 
>builders know
>about Earthquake regulations, new materials and techniques for this but
>builders are not expected to have that expertese.

I disagree. 

Accessible design is not different, nor difficult. Sites can be single-A
compliant without even trying if they use valid HTML and even marginal
design sense. 

If it's *costing money* to do that, then we should be looking at the skills
of those hired, not at whether or not one should design accessibly. 

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