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RE: Seeking help on running Bobby with Jaws screen reader

From: David M Clark <david@davidsaccess.com>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 17:46:39 -0500
To: "Jamal Mazrui" <JMAZRUI@fcc.gov>
Cc: "WAI-ig" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
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Hi Jamal,

I am not sure I can answer all your questions, but I can try to shed light
on some of the issues. (note: author has no affiliation with CAST or Bobby

One of the issues is that the installer for Bobby is itself a Java
application made by a third party publisher. Even after repeated requests,
the company, ZeroG Software, has yet to implement Swing in its installation
environment. So, the Access bridge will only work after Bobby is installed.

To my knowledge, Bobbycl was not implemented in build7.

Hope this helps.


David M. Clark
David's Access Page
16 Harcourt Street, #2I, Boston, MA 02116 Phone: 617-859-3069
Email: david@davidsaccess.com  Web: http://www.davidsaccess.com

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Subject: Seeking help on running Bobby with Jaws screen reader

I'm trying to use the Bobby application with the new 1.0 Accessibility
Bridge by Sun Microsystems and the new 3.5 version of Jaws for Windows.  I
think I installed the various software components correctly, including the
1.2.2 versions of the Java Development Kit and Java Access Utilities.  I
have not figured out how to run Bobby, and hope someone on this list can

The current version of Bobby, 3.1.1 build 7, appears to use a launching
procedure that is not described in any documentation I could find.  The
documentation says to launch Bobby with the following command:

java bobby -j

There is no installed file, however, with a base name of bobby.  It also
mentions a command line version named bobbycl which I could not find either.

What I did find were two files bobby311build7.exe and bobby311build7.lax
which appear to allow bobby to be launched without reference to Java in the
command.  I get no speech, however when I run bobby311build7.exe.  It sounds
like some software is loading but then control returns to the command prompt
and no new window is opened on the taskbar.

I'm excited by the possibility of accessing Java applications designed with
the Swing classes and compatible screen reading software.  Does anyone know
whether the current Bobby version actually works with this combination?  If
so, I'd appreciate some tips on getting started.

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