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Dead link to PDF technology notes


Example 1

Dead link to image.


The instructions for Example1 say:


1.    Select the first instance of the abbreviated text that needs to be
expanded. If the selected text is part of a larger tag, access the Tags
panel options menu, select Create Tag from Selection, and create a new Span

2.    In the Tags panel, access the context menu for the spanned text and
select Properties... to open the TouchUp Properties dialog for the Span tag.

3.    On the Content tab of the TouchUp Properties dialog, enter the
expansion text, followed by the originally selected text. 



I think it is important to make it clear that you cannot put expansion text
on the span tag, you can only put it on the text that is in a tag one level
below the span tag. For instance, if someone Right clicks on the span tags
and selects properties, they will find the content tab greyed out. 

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