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From: Marc Johlic <johlic@us.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 12:32:41 -0400
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Review of PDF 5

PDF Technology Notes - broken link (

"Required fields are implemented using the /Ff entry in the form field's
dictionary " -  /Ff has <code> attribute / font assigned to it in the wiki

"Labels for required form controls " - title just above last paragraph in
Description does not appear to have proper Heading attribute.

Under that title, the paragraph mentions using a red asterisk, but the
asterisk in the example "e.g., "* = required field".  is not red as it is
in the wiki.


"See the list of other software tools in PDF Technology Notes, Applications
that Produce Accessible PDF."  -  Link is broken for all examples.

Example 1 - working example - I get an error stating that I won't be able
to save the form after clicking submit - prior to seeing the required field
missing error.

Example 2 - working example:  Based on step 3 and the example image, I was
expecting an error similar to:  "You must enter your name".  Instead the
error shown is:  "At least one required field was empty. Please fill in the
required fields (highlighted) before continuing."

Example 3: Adding a required text field in a PDF form using the /Tx field
type and Ff flag -  "/Tx" and "Ff" are in a <code> attribute type font on
the wiki - not sure if that can be done in a header on Editor's draft.

The same comment goes for the "Ff" font style in the paragraph below the
Example 3 heading.

Related Techniques

Providing interactive form controls in PDF documents

Indicating when user input falls outside the required format or values in
PDF forms

These two are still linking to entries in the wiki as opposed to the
Editor's Draft  (Not sure if they have Editor's Draft pages yet)

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