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[minutes] 19 May 2005 WCAG WG telecon

From: Wendy Chisholm <wendy@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 18:55:21 -0400
Message-ID: <428D1959.6060403@w3.org>
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Summary of resolutions

    * resolved: include the following as Guideline 4.2 Level 1 SC1 in 
next draft:
      For any technologies not in the chosen baseline, the following are 
         1. The Web content still conforms using user agents that only 
support the technologies that are in the baseline (i.e. the use of 
technologies that are not in the baseline does not "break" access to the 
Web content by user agents that don't support them.)
         2. All content and functionality are available using only the 
baseline technologies.
    * resolved: replace current "conformance requirements" section with 
proposed text plus the existing last paragraph
    * resolved: proposal for Guideline 4.2 Level 1 SC 1 (now SC 2) will 
go back to subgroup for further work to address comments from the survey 
and this discussion.
    * resolved: adopt proposed wording for Guideline 2.5 Level 2 SC 1
    * resolved: adopt the following wording as Guideline 2.5 Level 2 SC 
2 If an input error is detected and suggestions for correction are known 
and can be provided without jeopardizing the security or purpose of the 
content, the error is identified and the suggestions are provided to the 
    * resolved: current text for Guideline 2.5 Level 3 SC 2 is better 
than proposed text for this particular guideline. for now, keep current 
    * Issue 1351 and Issue 1396 had split feedback. andi should look at 
feedback and return with an updated proposal.
    * resolved: Issue 1344 non-controversial. close.

Summary of Action Items
    * ACTION: ben and wendy add their issues (not all issues) from 
survey to bugzilla (against conformance requirements section)
    * ACTION: gregg talk with andi about guideline 2.5. ask andi if 
proposed text fits better under a different SC.
    * ACTION: john update proposals for Guideline 3.1 based on feedback 
from survey. ask people to make comments before the weekend to have a 
chance to incorporate.
    * ACTION: loretta continue to shepherd discussion of guideline 4.2 SC
    * ACTION: tim add issue to bugzilla re: conformance and baseline

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world wide web consortium
web accessibility initiative
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