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Re: Definition of "baseline"

From: Tim Boland <frederick.boland@nist.gov>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 08:55:01 -0400
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To: w3c-wai-gl@w3.org

"Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a simple mechanism for adding style (e.g. 
fonts, colors, spacing) to Web documents" - source is [1]:

[1]: http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/

Also, if "Web content" is being referenced, need to include a definition in 
[2]  (maybe include
following points: "something contained in..", "subject matter of written 
work", or "meaning or significance of work" in our definition (for the 
Web).. (source for quoted phrases is noun listing of "content" in Webster's 
II  New Riverside University Dictionary 1984)

[2]: http://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/WCAG20/

At 01:38 PM 4/7/2005 +0200, you wrote:

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>From: "Jason White" <jasonw@ariel.its.unimelb.edu.au>
>This is exactly the worry that prompted me to write a definition. We
>should choose a better term, agree on a definition, or preferably
>both. I think "format, programming or markup language, protocol or
>API" are sufficient to cover everything intended (CSS is presumably a
>"format" according to this definition).
>This is good if we do a definition of technology limited to the www and
>that involve contents and user agents that must involve:
>* user agent interface and OS accessibility API support
>* type of content (markup, programming language, etc.)
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