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RE: Avoid deprecated features query

From: Lee Roberts <leeroberts@roserockdesign.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 17:35:18 -0700
To: <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
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I have always interpreted 11.2 as a requirement not to use deprecated
features in any form.  Any such use would cause the page to become
invalid.  Although, some argue on this matter and state that they need
the use of <font> tags to format their text.  Personally, I think that
is simply because they don't understand that <font> tags are extremely
hazardous to people with low vision.

Therefore, I typically instruct state employees to learn CSS and avoid
the use of all deprecated tags.  Most notably - avoid visual editors
that wish to have total control of the format of the page.

Since the question really boils down to the meaning of avoid, let's look
at some examples.

Avoid the hot iron.  Should we touch the hot iron?  Well, I wouldn't
touch the hot iron because I know I would be burned.  However, a less
than knowledgeable person may touch the hot iron not realizing they
would be burned.

Avoid the ditch while driving.  Certainly, I don't want to drive into a
ditch, but if I absolutely had to, I would carefully consider the best
way to do without damaging my vehicle or worse killing myself.

So, does avoid mean to "do not use"?  In either case, we find it better
for all involved to "do not use" deprecated tags.  In the case of the
developer - there is a better way.  In the case of the visitor - it is
expected that they will be able to use the web site if it is reportedly

Agreed, we should take out the word "avoid" and replace it with "do not
use".  However, we could convey the issue that it is more desirable to
"do not use" rather than say "it's okay, if ...".  Developers typically
don't understand the negative issues poor coding promotes.  Experienced
developers understand the issues and will work correctly to "not use"
codes that could cause problems.


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Hello Pam,

This is an interesting question.

Personally, I interpret 11.2 to mean "don't use deprecated features" and
you use deprecated features then you don't conform.

It sounds like you have updated some pages but not all.  What if you 
clarify the scope of your conformance claim?  For example, "Pages
or updated after 1 June 2003 conform at Level AA to WCAG 1.0.  Pages 
created before 31 May 2003 conform at Level A to WCAG 1.0 because they
deprecated features of HTML 4.01."

I'm interested in reactions from others on the list.

At 06:42 AM 6/4/2003, Pam Galloway wrote:

>Can you clarify what avoid means in this instance, please.
>If a web page has includes some deprecated features and is submitted as
>4.01 Transistional, which allows for deprecated features, will it be 
>accessible to Priority Level 2 - Guideline 11.2 - Avoid deprecated 
>features of W3C technologies?
>I took it that avoid means try not to use, not don't use. I need an 
>as we are looking at a site with 100's of pages that needs to be
>to level 2. Some deprecated features have been dropped and replaced
>CSS. Others would take a while to do as the number of pages is
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>Pam Galloway

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