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I have found it useful when explaining conformance to explain:
A: bare minimum, allows sites to be available to all but quite difficult
to some
AA: site available all and somewhat difficult to a reduced number of
AAA: site available to all and information available to all and through
the same method.
Using these definitions I have recommended that 

*  general intranets/extranets/corporate sites comply to A level.
*  government sites and community service providers (eg.
   telecommunications, electricity, universities, supermarkets etc.)
   comply with AA level.
*  disability service providers comply with AAA level, with particular
   reference to testing with their relevant audience.

I have found that in order for clients to 'understand' the guidelines I
have had to rewrite them in layman's terms.  This is my interpretation:
<?xml:namespace prefix = p ns =
"urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:powerpoint" />  
A: All users can access the information contained in the web site,
however some user groups will find it quite difficult. All sites must
conform to at least A-level. 
AA: All users can access the information contained in the web site,
however some user groups will find it somewhat difficult. All government
sites should aim for AA-level. 
AAA: All users can access the information contained in the web site, and
all user groups will be able to access that information easily and via
the same method. All disability service-provider or important community
sites should aim for AAA-level. 
However there is some confusion as to what the difference between the
three guidelines, especially, as I've mentioned before, the common
request to "prioritise Priority One checkpoints".  I still believe the
three levels of conformance are the best option at this time.  If
anything requires changing I would hesitate to make it more complicated.
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